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Men's Exclusive Panjabi

Tk 2,420
Size: S/38
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SKU: MP-903

Our Punjabi products showcase a diverse range of exclusive designs, meticulously crafted from high-
quality fabrics, employing sophisticated manufacturing techniques.

Texture: Our textiles offer a soft and smooth feel with a plain surface, exceptional breathability,
comfort, and durability, all designed to withstand the test of time.

Fabric Type: Crafted from 100% imported Khadi cotton with exclusive design.
Fit Type: Designed for a slim fit.
Weave: Meticulously created with a plain weave.
Texture: Luxuriously soft and velvety, boasting a matte finish.
Breathability: Provides outstanding breathability for enhanced comfort.
Durability: Precisely stitched for enduring durability.

*Our products are meticulously crafted from soft and luxurious materials, ensuring unmatched comfort.
They are thoughtfully designed with secure features for long-lasting wear*

Guaranteed Safe Checkout